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Shoes in woods representing the walk to your strategy plan.

Strategic Marketing Management

You need a winning game plan. Ours starts by getting into your customer’s head.

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Bonfire sticks built up to represent the creative design experts at BONFIREx.
Visual Composition

Creative Design & Technology

Balancing the emotional with the rational is an art. In the right hands, it brings your brand to life.

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Camping lantern to show the light to the technology BONFIREx will provide.

Lead & Conversion Execution

As you read this, a new technology has just been designed. Stay ahead or fall behind.

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Person in canoe representing the performance ability we provide to businesses.
Iterative Improvement

Analytics & Marketing Performance

Turning data into intelligence takes smarts. We don’t make a move without it.

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Our Creative Process


Establish project parameters / Knowledge share / Asset sharing

The initial meeting is an opportunity for project stakeholders to come together with our team to identify needs, goals, budget, and schedule for the project. At the project kickoff you will meet your project manager as a single point of contact that ensures your project is kept on time and on budget.


Establish Project Parameters / Knowledge & Asset Sharing

Taking the knowledge gained from the Kickoff our team goes into full research mode by analyzing your competition and engaging with both internal stakeholders and end-users. Our team engages through one-on-one interviews, group round-table discussion, and/or surveys dependent upon project scope.

Overall strategy / Confirmed list of deliverables


Strategy is at the core of everything we do. Our team will compile feedback from our brainstorming and research efforts and compile a research analysis that is comprised of end-user segmentation, a technology strategy, a clearly defined and articulated value proposition and a strategic vision.

Design Development

Develop ideas / Select design direction / Final design approval

With a defined strategy our content team begins creation of a proposed sitemap, wireframe, mood board and design board to ensure all stakeholders are united with one vision. From there our design team works to create the layouts of your project, whether that is a website homepage and interior pages, tradeshow booth, or interior design.

Document / Production

Final production assets & specifications

With a design framework in place we begin the process of auditing and reworking existing content, migrating content, style guide creation, and search engine optimization for digital projects. This is the culmination of efforts thus far. It provides a clear image of a central goal that all key stakeholders are working towards.


Effective Adoption

The build phase is typically the most involved; however, through careful planning upfront our team is able to implement your approved designs, provide internal testing, and end-user testing to ensure a solid product for launch. Our team also provides system support and training on all digitally based projects. Finally, the moment that everyone has been waiting for...an effortless launch of your project.

Our Work

Our Team

We have a great team that are ready to work with you on any story that you need to tell.

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