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Kids Read Now

Kids Read Now

Summer Reading Slide

Major societal issues including crime and poverty can be linked directly to poor education. By helping students continue reading throughout the summer during formidable years, there are major impacts on the child’s ability to first learn to read and later read to learn.

Lack of education during the summer costs students 2 to 3 months of educational gains. Advantaged students get ahead and keep moving up, while the majority of students fall behind each summer and get dragged further down each year. By the end of 3rd grade non-proficient readers are already 4 times less likely to graduate.

Organization Background

Kids Read Now was founded in 2010 as a 501(c)(3) by serial entrepreneur Leib Lurie and his wife, Barbara, a reading specialist and educator, after learning about the summer reading slide. Leib and Barb looked at combining expertise in language, logistics, and cost containment technology to create the most affordable, effective and guaranteed program to address the Summer Reading Slide. Kids Read Now has been recognized as one of the best in the country by the Clinton Foundation and South by Southwest.

Leib’s interest in education started with his mother, Ellen Lurie, a community organizer, school board member, teacher, author and parent advocate. She devoted her life to school racial integration and increasing meaningful parent participation within school systems. She is considered by many to be the inspiration of the Head Start program.


Kids are given a Wish List to choose 9 books they want to receive. We know that kids that choose their books are more likely to read their books. Competitor programs like Scholastic drop off books for students and they take them home. Maybe they read them and maybe they don’t, but no one will ever know.

Staff motivate students, help children choose books, and enter enrollment data online; parents provide summer contact info and consent to release child’s reading scores. Every title includes a unique Discovery Sheet to make it easy for parents to engage with their children to ensure that they comprehend what they are reading.

The Summer Reading Night occurs in the last few weeks of school, staff presents the program to parents, while students receive their first three books. Students start reading their first three books right away, then respond to the messages with a book code to receive their next book. When the code is received, Kids Read Now pick, pack, and ship the books directly to student’s homes. They will receive weekly, encouraging messages from our team, we can send text messages, emails, postcards and phone calls to encourage more reading.

77% of children whose parents read to them are more likely to read on their own, so our program empowers parents to read participate in their children’s reading. We also know that for many families their time is limited. So we make it easy on parents. Parents receive a bilingual Parent Guide to explain the Summer Slide and grade specific tips to keep kids excited about reading and tips on how to keep their children reading throughout the summer. Kids Read Now also offers a toll-free, bilingual help line that is answered by Kids Read Now staff.

The data tells a consistent story: children who might benefit the most , are least likely to participate in summer programs. + The Wallace Foundation


Increase Sales

Building a sales process: pipeline to attract school districts

Increase Signups



Sales Presentation

Streamlined presentation deck to be utilized with school administrators, school boards, and Educational Service Centers (ESC); while coaching sales staff on presentations skills.

Public Relations

Monthly press releases to local and national outlets

Digital Marketing 

Website Redesign Video Rework
Weekly Blog Posts Social Media Marketing

LinkedIn messaging to Tier 1

Facebook messaging to Tier 2 and Tier 3
Google Grants – $30,000 pro-bono Google Search AdWords Email Marketing

Drip Campaigns overviewing the program Follow up email campaigns from trade show / conventions

Tradeshow / Conventions

Banner stands, table skirts, column wraps,

Sales Process Implementation

Database cleanup Prioritization
Salesforce integrations Title 1 money white papers

We have been able to implement much in a short time and look forward to continuing to grow our partnership with Kids Read Now, to help reverse the summer reading slide.


December 4, 2011


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