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Hello, my name is Benjamin but please call me Ben

Jackass of all trades, mastering is one.

Music is at the forefront of his story-telling. Simplicity is at the center of his design. Authenticity is at the heart of his body of work.


Performing under the Moniker BJSR, and creating digital content under the entity, Journeyman Productions, Benjamin J S Rivet is a multi-medium musician, writer, producer and designer based out of Dayton, OH. While Ben dabbles in a variety of personal and professional projects, the combination of his artistic talents gives him a distinct ability to produce high-quality photographs, video and audio artifacts from a uniquely holistic and fresh perspective. Since graduating from the University of Dayton in 2008, Rivet has conceptualized, created, launched and promoted campaigns that harness the power and efficiency of modern technology while still tapping into the gambit of emotions that constantly confront this fast-paced and ever-changing world. In an era of “content overload” Ben strives to create more and more “context” with every endeavor he undertakes.

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