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Are You Interested in Working with Wilderness Agency?

Come join Wilderness Agency for a unique opportunity to leverage your specific skill set and passions into a flexible, empowering career experience that gives you the tools and support you need to work how you want, where you want,
when you want and help companies tell their stories in the process
of achieving your personal goals.


We believe in pushing the envelope of progressive platforms for marketing through a progressive agency structure designed to support our team in pursuing their own ambitions while helping our clients craft exquisite brand experiences. Team members are assigned to project teams based on individual, specific skills and passions. You will have the opportunity to fill your plate with as much or as little work as you desire, working on the clients you enjoy and the projects
that leave you feeling fulfilled and proud.


Wilderness Agency is a unique oasis in Downtown Dayton. Our workspace is designed and curated to support you and however you work best. Many of our team members work on site or remotely. Our office is built in a converted 100-year old factory that is modern, quirky, open and inviting. We believe the magic happens through collaboration and collision and our interiors
are designed to support extraordinary outcomes.


Come join our team of strategic, creative game players
and play the game with us!

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Project Manager


It’s not always fun, and it’s not always easy. We’re fun, and some of us are easy, but Wilderness Agency isn’t about the fun we have together. It’s not about sexy work or winning awards. It’s rigorous, demanding work. It’s about passion for projects and marketing that drives results for our clients. We love ugly babies. We love warhorses. We love crafting experiences that work, and to make that happen this team works too. Hard.

How hard? Hard enough that through pure tenacity, we bust through brick walls, red tape and unachievable problems.

Marketing isn’t magic. It’s a math equation. It’s creativity + psychology. It’s a battering ram guided by force and muscle. It’s the result of less talk, more action, and it’s what we dream about when we fall asleep at our computers.

It’s not about instagrammable team outings or beers on the patio at 3 p.m. on a Friday. But to this team and our clients, it’s everything. If what we do doesn’t mean at least as much to you as it does to the businesses that depend on us, no need to apply.

Still interested?

We are seeking a bad-ass pack leader and task master who can delegate, direct and develop, channeling creative talent into completed projects that meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

A successful Project Manager isn’t afraid to walk through fire or stare into the sun to keep everything running smoothly. Part therapist and part drill sergeant, the project manager inspires action, gets results and isn’t afraid to jump in where necessary to make sure shit gets done.

The successful candidate MUST:
-Herd cats.
-Juggle. Tasks, people, expectations, priorities.
-Perform under pressure.
-Communicate with the eloquence and decisiveness of Winston Churchill.
-Balance as elegantly as the gold-medal women’s gymnastics team.
-Read minds and adjust accordingly.
-Have a passion for marketing that courses through their veins, which should also be made of iron.

-Additionally, the following skills are necessary:

Project Management:
-Develop workable budgets, work plans and realistic timetables.
-Define project scopes and set realistic expectations for deliverables.
-Ability to distill and simplify complex requests into clear and actionable project plans.
-Ability to work under tight deadlines and respond to shifting priorities, schedules, and deliverables across multiple work streams
-Evaluate and analyze project risk and effectiveness on an ongoing basis.
-Monitors out-of-scope requests and initiates additional estimates and approvals.
-Provide regular updates and project status to clients and team members.
-Test and review completed projects and provide project analyses on demand.
-Source materials, resources and vendors to complete projects effectively.
-Understand data and campaign effectiveness and communicate effectively to those who don’t.

Resource Management:
-Form specialized teams of highly-skilled operatives and passionate creatives.
-Ability to work effectively with creative, development, and cross-functional teams
-Assign work and give clear descriptions and deadlines for expectations.
-Answer questions from clients and contractors in different times zones quickly, clearly and effectively.
-Maintain communications with appropriate agency and client personnel to ensure positive workflow.

Budget Management:
-Obtain quotes from vendors, contractors and internal staff to properly set budgets to maintain margins.
-Collaborate on the preparation of marketing recommendations and strategies, and is willing to bring new ideas to the table.
-Regularly monitor all internal and external costs for assigned projects and adjust as necessary to maintain margin.

Finally, we think the following are table stakes to perform this role effectively, but we’ve been proven wrong before, and we’re open to being proven wrong again. In fact, if you do, you may just be perfect.

-3-5 years of related experience in marketing agency environment
-Demonstrated ability to manage complete lifecycle of marketing projects
-Experience in marketing and the development of communications across multiple channels and platforms
-Demonstrated experience managing multiple projects simultaneously
-BA or BS degree in marketing, management, communications or a related field.


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Jr Production Designer / Paid Internship Designer


Designers wanted.


Hazardous journey ahead. Safe return doubtful. It’s not always going to be easy, it’s not going to always be fun, but honor awaits those who survive.


At Wilderness Agency, we believe in growing companies and putting people back to work. We don’t go after awards.

The work we find sexy is guided by strategies that drive revenue. We find inspiration in the intersection of art and business, and we create disruptive experiences and measurable results that directly affect the top line for
our client’s businesses.


We are looking for designers that help our clients’ goals become reality. Ideal candidates will have a passion for great design and an awareness of the impact it can have in the world. Our team has the initiative to take control, the motivation to keep at it and the work ethic to execute deliverables with strong vision. We work at a fast pace and believe in creating an environment that will inspire you to develop your own passions.


Looking for Jr Production designer – Freelance with 10-30 hrs of availability or Paid Internship Designers ($10-13hr)
Work in our Studio – or Remote.


Candidates should be:


  • Proficient in designing for various media including print and digital
  • Able to work well both independently and collaboratively
  • Able to follow direction and apply constructive criticism
  • Strong in written and verbal communication skills
  • Able to meet or exceed deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • Work autonomously and agile to shift priorities
  • Passionate while also being self/organizationally aware


Technology Experience

  • Working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite (specifically, Indesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and XD)
  • Be able to jump into WordPress and help build pages (Emphasis on Visual Composer)
  • Familiarity with HTML/CSS; email marketing and design (emphasis on MailChimp)
  • Be familiar with social media, Google AdWords, and Google Analytics design requirements
  • Familiarity with photography and videography, including pre-production, production and post-production


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