Hello, my name is Chris and I am the Creative Lead at Wilderness Agency  – an agency dedicated to growing companies.

The go to guy…

Designer, art director, and information illustrator. Chris has worked on client accounts such as, OfficeMax, Babies R’Us, Honeywell, Aileron, Chore-Time, Social Chain, Kettering College, Forgeline Wheels, and Lawter. He is versatile in adapting the design process to a wide gamut of design skills such as tradeshow design, packaging, design layout, information design and more. Chris began his career as a layout designer for catalogs, quickly transitioning into an agency world. A move into the education sector provided a backbone for design thinking while offering flexibility to collaborate with local agencies and clients worldwide. Chris was a top candidate at the Sinclair Visual Communication Program and has maintained a career while continuing to further his education.

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