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“First impressions mean everything, and if you aren’t trying, you’ve already made a bad one.

+Dasia Hood

Inbound Strategist

Add value. Be interesting.

The value of a good first impression cannot be overstated, and, in today’s digital age, you could already be making a poor one by not showing up to the meeting. Launching a website without an inbound strategy is the equivalent of moving into a neighborhood and expecting your new neighbors to throw you a party. Inbound is more like knocking on their doors and offering to throw them one.


Google wants to provide users with the absolute best content to match their search. That’s how they win their game. I win my game by helping my clients be the one to give it to them through a comprehensive strategy of Google Ads, paid social, search engine optimization and metadata.

If someone tells you they are an SEO expert, they’re already lying. The rules are always changing. In order to stay ahead, you don’t have to just keep up with them, you need to be willing to keep learning, playing and working ahead by offering content that is authentically relevant and valuable.

Dasia Hood
Dasia Hood
Dasia Hood


I enjoy being the catalyst for a business’s growth. Most skills and abilities can be learned through practice and persistence. This takes time and commitment which, unfortunately, aren’t unlimited resources for the modern professional or business. The goal in my work is to use my abilities to become an invaluable asset for growing companies.  As we all know, the quickest way to success is through the success of others.

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Favorite Outdoor Adventure

I am not outdoorsy at all. I wish I was, but being outside is probably one of my least favorite things to do. Bugs and I are mortal enemies. Once I went to a family reunion that was located at a camping site near Wilberforce University. It started off okay. I can usually tolerate some activities outdoors and I realized that if I stayed next to the campfire and covered myself in bug spray, I didn’t really encounter too many creepy crawlies. As the night came to a end, I was mistakenly under the impression that we would be spending the night at a nearby family members house or, preferably, a five-star hotel with free breakfast. To my dismay, my dad told us that we were all  going to be spending the night under the stars. I cried in terror as he began setting up two tents – one tent for the girls, and one for the boys.

I only made it about 20 minutes in the tent because there was a mosquito buzzing around.  I just ran to my dad car, locked all the doors, and slept in the backseat. I’ve never been camping since.

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