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Wilderness Agency understands that a solid foundation of clear and professional marketing can help Ferguson drive growth and wind business.


Our model works in your favor.  For every project, we create a customized team specifically matched to the skills required for the client. Our ability to create custom teams means our agency is media agnostic. We identify issues before finding the most appropriate solution. Wilderness partners with 135+ creatives from individual freelancers to specialized agencies. Our project managers are internal to ensure you have one dedicated point of contact keeping the project on time and budget. Our ability to create custom teams means our agency is media agnostic. We identify issues before finding the most appropriate solution.


What does this mean for Ferguson?


A smart creative, innovative and experienced team partnered with your team to help achieve project and business goals through a tried and true seamless process.

Integrated Messaging






After 70 years of delivering dependable equipment throughout the agriculture industry, ChoreTime was in a rut of its own. Farmers could depend on the equipment, but ChoreTime couldn’t depend on itself to identify and praise the merits of why someone would choose to do business with them.


Like many companies, it had entered a cycle of saying the brand was a quality brand without really defining out what that meant to the customer.


Wilderness Agency worked with ChoreTime to strip down the buzzwords and sales speak and get to the core of the actual value the company offers to its core customers. Farmers don’t buy ChoreTime because its equipment is “quality,” they buy ChoreTime, because they can count on it to not break. They buy into the company for the peace of mind.


ChoreTime’s customers look to it to be the expert in the space–a thought leader in a mature industry.


Wilderness Agency delivered fresh designs with clear messaging and iconography for trade shows, presentations, and advertisements that captured the brand’s true value and conveyed it to the audience in a clear and concise way.


By redefining how ChoreTime viewed sales and strategy, Wilderness helped to break the company out of product-based selling and start to guide marketing and sales based on purpose and actual value, crafting a message that resonates and ultimately, creating a bigger impact for customers.


Products that

require a

mega production


Lawter, Inc.


Lawter creates adhesives, specialty coatings, aroma chemicals and synthetic rubbers, but their real story is in the company’s values.


The company’s slogan, “Better, Cleaner Chemistry” is also its mission. The company had a complex site, a complex product line and a lot of information it needed to convey to customers via its website. But most importantly, it needed this mission to underscore everything.


Wilderness Agency worked with Lawter to visually redesign the brand into a more modern look and feel that set the tone for its sustainable mission. By thoroughly examining the information and goals of the website, Wilderness was able to help Lawter navigate a tangle of information and set out a clear path for users to enter the funnel. We aligned the company’s goals with a strategy to target key industries, and changed the navigation and content organization of the website to match.


Using the same strategy, Wilderness was able to work with Lawter to create a mega brochure to organize all the company’s products in a clean and clear design that made it easy for customers to use and quickly find what they are looking for.


With a new, user-friendly website, the brand identity quickly conveys the value. By capturing the culture, defining a mission for the site and making its intentions clear, Lawter is now able to target specific industries and convert at a higher rate, expanding its customer base and growing revenue to meet goals.

Video Content Marketing




Aileron & Forbes


Aileron focuses on helping business owners grow their business strategically by helping them refocus on what they need to build better versions of their businesses as they exist today. The nonprofit organization helps business leaders by removing layers of superficiality to get at the core of what drives success.


For all that the organization focuses on strategy, their website wasn’t doing them any favors, primarily because it was lacking a strategy of its own. Although it was flush with great content, sprinkled throughout a significant number of pages, the journey was missing, leaving users to wander the site without clear direction.


Wilderness provided Aileron with a website refresh that infused a new design and color palette and refocused its content and provided a clear path for site visitors to follow.


Wilderness also worked to expand a partnership with Forbes, through which video content and blogs produced by the agency could be posted and expand Aileron’s reach, exposing the organization’s value to a large-scale business audience and attract them back to the Aileron website.

Consumer Packaged Goods





Fluid Applied Roofing


Fluid Applied Roofing was experiencing success as a manufacturer selling products direct to construction companies, but the company saw the potential to build something bigger through taking its products direct to the consumer market.


Wilderness Agency worked with Fluid to draw at the value of the brand and build a look and tone that made leveraging their messaging an easy win. Through brand development, Wilderness helped Fluid to streamline its product mix into a process that made it easy to understand and communicate to customers.


This system was reinforced by a color coding system that helped identify product categories for their premium line. To communicate the premium quality of the product we helped secure a relationship with a bucket manufacture which included a handle on the bottom of the bucket to make pouring easier and reducing slips/spills.


Since launching their new brand Fluid Applied Roofing is gaining national attention and traction in their marketplace.

Employee Recruitment


& actionable


Capital Health


In a crowded marketplace, Capital Health struggled to differentiate itself from other in-home health companies struggling to recruit new employees.


From the management team to the individuals they serve, focuses on providing an inviting environment. The organization has grown rapidly to serve 12 geographical areas within its regional footprint, relying on a staff of more than 1,500. Without a funnel of dependable employees, Capital stood to lose the market share it was rapidly gaining.


Wilderness Agency leveraged intimate video interviews with the team to capture authentic stories from Capital employees, some of whom have grown with the organization for more than 16 years. Videos were short, simple and to the point, driving prospects to want to join the Capital Health family.


Wilderness helped Capital identify its key differentiators to help attract more employees. Through research and strategy provided by Wilderness, Capital was able to leverage the data to create video testimonials that spoke directly to the audience and leveraged an informed strategy to accelerate the recruitment engine.

Consumer Packaged Goods


their mission


Scratch Foods


When Chef Matthew Hayden started Scratch Foods, he set out to start a food forward catering company with the goal to become the premier, contemporary full-service caterer in the region.


Food isn’t just a business for Hayden, it’s a passion. Wilderness worked with Scratch Foods to help Hayden identify recurring streams of revenue and grow the business while leaning into his passions. Wilderness worked with Scratch to increase sales through recurring streams of revenue, build a marketing engine to drive sales and leverage Hayden’s passions into new opportunities and grow the revenue for the company.


By creating two divisions, Scratch Events and Meals from Scratch, Scratch Foods was able to capture new market share and fulfill a need in the community. Meals from Scratch partnered Hayden with a medical institution to provide healthful meals and guidance to customers to help them focus on healing through food. The venture gave Hayden an opportunity to give back and provide a service to a cause very near and dear to his heart. By aligning the company’s mission with his passion, the new revenue stream helped expand Scratch Food’s reach and grow the company’s bottom line.

Consumer Packaged Goods


that speaks




As an international brand, Babies“R”Us was aiming to speak to modern parents in a visual way that transcended any language.


The team at Wilderness Agency worked with Babies“R”Us to develop a visual hierarchy and brand architecture that spoke directly to what parents were looking for from their baby products.


Today’s parents see themselves as more modern, easy going and contemporary. The news brand look was able to capture that and convey it from the shelf through any language.


The team was able to create a look and feel that could be easily rolled out across product lines, building a consistency that added a premium to the Babies“R”Us brand, established the brand identity and attracted customers, ultimately expanding reach and growing market share.

Integrated Messaging

Executing a

clear plan


Kids Read Now


Kids Read Now is a literacy-focused nonprofit that is mission-driven to reverse the summer reading slide and put books in the hands of kids during their off months.


The nonprofit was dependent on a sales team to walk financially-strapped school districts through its mission and solutions. Without a clearly defined sales strategy in place or a marketing engine to move additional leads further into the funnel, the nonprofit was struggling to expand its reach from a small regional base to a national level.


Wilderness Agency helped Kids Read Now identify a target market, set a sales strategy and create a pathway and clear funnel to turn prospects into customers. By engaging the same team to create a multi-dimensional marketing engine and oversee the strategy behind the sales arm, Kids Read Now was able to quickly start converting and signed up more school districts for its program.


Kids Read Now redefined how it was training sales staff and shifted to a way that resonated with districts. The brand positioned itself as the solution to a clearly-defined problem and gave information to overcome obstacles and objections.


Implementing clear steps and conversion goals Kids Read Now was able to shore up sales and provide key collateral to decision makers to support every step of the sales process it defined.


Within four months, the nonprofit jumped from 4,000 to 12,000 enrolled school districts, and grew revenue from 250,000 to 1.2 million, with aggressive goals–and a clear and attainable plan–to rapidly grow nationwide in the next four years.






Office Max


OfficeMax offers customers everything they need to supply their office and keep it running, so much so in fact, that the visual hierarchy of the stores was getting in the way of moving customers through to key service areas.


OfficeMax needed to clearly set apart its print center in a way that visually attracted customers and guided them through the value the amenity offered.


Our team provided OfficeMax with its new Service Center that clearly defines the value of that area of the store for customers. Through clear way-finding and signage throughout the store, OfficeMax was able to start funneling customers to the service center and educating them along the way, creating an emotional relief that their solution had been found, and it was at OfficeMax.


By providing inspiration and education itself, OfficeMax made using the service center easy. A self-directing menu board helped to answer questions and guide users through the appropriate processes.


The new brand identity extended beyond the store into digital ads and a web presence that redefined and elevated the print services for OfficeMax and returned a healthy ROI for that department.

Video +

Video Partnerships


Wilderness Agency works with strong partners for video work. Our curated partner list allows us to find the right best fit for your organization both stylistically and within your budget. Take a look at some of our partners below.


2017 Promo Reel

Benjamin Rivet

EXAMPLE: Link Dayton Bike Share

Indigo Life Media

EXAMPLE: Tech Town – Take a Break from Work


EXAMPLE: International VanLines

Internal Communications


the paths

that matter




A complicated sales portal wasn’t doing any favors for the sales staff at Seepex, which depended on the portal to access key information and collateral as well as dashboard information and reporting.


A clunky user path and complicated access to information made the process unmanageable and unattractive to the teams that needed to use it.


Wilderness Agency worked with Seepex to untangle the information and visually enhance and modernize the portal, creating a clean, clear pathway to information and a pleasant user experience through the process.


By redefining the organization to match users’ behavior, Seepex, and the Wilderness Agency team were able to create a visual hierarchy with clear calls to action and easy access. Better looking reports meant staff could easily decipher the information, interpret data and leverage it to accomplish goals.


By streamlining the portal and maximizing the efficiency of the process, the Wilderness Agency team was able to turn it into a functioning tool for the sales team, enhance efficiencies and leverage the portal to grow revenue and meet sales goals.

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