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Always lead with optimism.  My mom always told me to think happy thoughts…she was right.

+J Stanton

Director of Sales

If you’re afraid of what to say, start talking.

I pride myself on being someone people like to talk to, and I’d like to think it’s because I generally enjoy meeting new people and learning their stories. I know extroverts are a rare breed these days, when it is easier to hide behind a computer and connect with a mouse click, but the beauty of what can be achieved with a good cup of coffee and some honest conversation is what keeps the world spinning.


I get energized by being out in the community, meeting people and helping them work through problems. Good people stick with you more than gum on the bottom of your tennis shoe. I like to think I am one of the sticky ones.


I’ve achieved my goals in life the same way I advise my clients, and the same way I wound up at Wilderness Agency, by not being afraid to stick my neck out there and say hello once in a while. My job at Wilderness Agency is to help companies find the confidence to do the same and start telling their story loud, proud and effectively.


If you’re leading your company, your role is to grow the business. You need to steer the ship, because if you stop and come down to row the boat… no one is steering. We help leaders keep their hands on the wheel.

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Favorite Outdoor Adventure

It had been a morning of researching websites and seeing how the “big guns” did it.  I ended up on the Marlboro.com promotions and contests page and discovered that they had just announced a call for submissions of essays to be considered for “Marlboro, Team Durango”.  In 400 words or less applicants were asked to answer a number of questions like, “Why would you be a great team member?”.  Fun, I thought…so I went about creating an outline and then writing the piece and submitting it.  I then promptly forgot all about it.

Two months later an email arrived.  I had been selected to be a member of Marlboro Team Durango.  Cautiously I breathed, “I won!”.  I was instructed to verify receipt of the email and when I did I was informed that an overnight package would be sent immediately.  Frankly, I was skeptical.  I wondered how many magazine subscriptions I would be required to order or what kind of time share would be offered.  The next day the package arrived and to my surprise it was totally legit.  In a matter of 3 weeks I would be off to Durango, Colorado to participate with 19 other prize winners in a trail reclamation project in the San Juan mountain range.

The group, 20 “Team Durango” members, 5 individuals from a local trail club, 10 photographers and videographers, 10 armed guards (no kidding), and 15 or so Marlboro and promotional agency folks spent a week on the mountain.  While the team and the trail club was moving rocks, cutting brush, clearing fallen trees and raking trails the others photographed and videoed and cheered the group on.  It was an amazing experience with people that have now become lifelong friends.  We still stay in contact through a Facebook group and dream of a reunion.

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