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“If you want to be an effective manager, start by shutting your mouth and listening.


+Jon Powell

Senior Project Manager

Delegate. Direct. Develop.

I don’t think many would naturally make the connection between counselor and project manager, but that’s exactly why I have been able to excel in this role throughout my career.


A successful Project Manager isn’t afraid to walk through fire or stare into the sun to keep everything running smoothly. Part therapist and part drill sargeant, the project manager inspires action, gets results and isn’t afraid to jump in where necessary to make sure shit gets done.


It’s creativity + psychology. My role on the team is to make sure people have what they need to feel supported, empowered and free to be their most creative selves, so we can deliver work that isn’t just on time and on budget, but eloquent, disruptive and thought provoking.


Just because you build a sexy website doesn’t mean that people will come. We believe in backing up marketing with a strategy to drive traffic – phone calls – sales.

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