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*curiously sees a bricklayer on a gig*

“So, what’s the secret to laying good brick?”

“What’s the secret? Don’t lay any bad brick, of course.”

Sounds right to me.


+Jordan Freshour


I love the moon, the water, and interesting people.

I can do many things professionally, but my thoughtful service of the positive emotions of others is my real skill. As a photographer and artist this is most helpful. I enjoy understanding my environment, and seeking out how I best fit within my surroundings.

I am Dayton native who is exceedingly familiar with the local culture, infrastructure, and geography. Graduating Carroll in 2006, I proceeded to earn three certifications in Audio Engineering before entering the blue-collar working world. There, I labored three years as a pest control officer, four years as a machinist, and three years as a home inspector. Presently, I am a bartender in the evenings and freelance photographer during the day. I carry with me the knowledge from previous jobs wherever I go.


…Who would you be without your job? A checking account? Your credit?

…Who would you be without your coworkers? Your church? Your parents or kids?

…Who would you be without hot food? Your phone? Electricity?

…Who would you be without bright clothes? Perfumes? Warm water?

Are you capable of loving yourself without these things? Loving others? Without everything that makes you ‘go,’ does the soul remain? Can you still relate? Would you even want to, unless it all disappeared?

Only the most honest would ask themselves. The broken and impoverished already know. Each of us look through a lens of our favorite memories and kindred friends. Some who have lost everything sit silently in their suffering, others seek compassion from anyone turning an ear in times of profound self-centeredness. All constantly pass by us; who is brave enough to face their reflections when away from the bathroom mirror?

Can you see yourself in the lowly? Do you trust your eyes? Because it matters. That’s the real you, without everything but your heartbeat, and a will to keep it beating. That’s where you heal yourself. That’s when you connect with the rest of Universe. That’s how you learn to become.

To love is immaterial. To be real is to be you with nothing at all.

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Favorite Outdoor Adventure

Once as a kid, my parents decided to embark on the first family camping trip with their kids. I must have been 7 or 8, and my sister 5 or 6. Long story short, I’ve never been camping again since because it was a total disaster… it rained and blew wind all night! The tent leaked and everyone complained. Eventually everyone headed back to the minivan and turned on the heater. I’m pretty sure we all passed out in the car like the sad Americans we were.

Maybe I should give camping a second chance finally.

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