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“Fiction is boring. The truth is sexy.


+Nakesha Haschke

Front-End Developer


I’m not just comfortable with deadlines, I thrive on them. Much of my career has been spent using strategic design to tell true stories in compelling ways, working with clients and designing in impossible windows of time.


Coming from a journalism background, I’ve molded myself into a highly-skilled ninja who gets in, gets done and gets out undetected.


This doesn’t mean I’m used to quick and dirty design, it means I’m efficient and I don’t waste time. I get straight to the point, and deliver beyond expectations…with flare.


I am passionate about pleasing clients, but also pushing them to consider new possibilities. Through my work at Wilderness Agency, I’m able to leverage my passion for compelling design and multi-channel storytelling to work with clients in both print and digital platforms.

Nakesha Haschke
Nakesha Haschke
Nakesha Haschke

An eye for detail and a passion for creating

From working with multiple departments within a corporation to one on one client-focused collaboration, I’ve developed a series of skills that allow me a unique perspective while defining my own style and approach to design. My skills in print and production have assisted me in designing everything from newspaper and magazine layouts to advertising and logos, and have earned me three dozen state and national awards.

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Favorite Outdoor Adventure

The smell of campfire smoke is one that recalls some of my fondest childhood memories. Tall cottonwood trees and a secluded spot next to the pond defined most of the weekends of my youth. It was where my parents met and fell in love. It was where my entire family gathered for meals, and fishing, and hikes in the woods. It was where my uncle and grandma shared songs and stories, and my brother and cousins had our first snipe hunt. Through the years, the location has changed, but the tradition has remained. We gather less often to camp, but still make it a ritual. We share whiskey and wine and stories. And soon, our children will have their first snipe hunt.

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