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Website Design & Development

Web Design & Development: You Need It


Websites are now accessible anywhere you are using anything from a desktop to your mobile devices. This is why Wilderness provides expert website design & development services. We want your online presence to reflect your brand and company by building you a successful website. Your website should grow and develop alongside your business. That is why we build sites from the ground up on a CMS (Content Management Systems) platform, such as WordPress, so you can then take control. Wilderness will design and develop your website and provide you with all the tools necessary to maintain it.


Your web design will reflect who you are as a brand and engage with your customers effectively. Wilderness websites include a full search engine optimization implementation to assist with your organic reach. Our SEO specialists also set up integrated analytics to show where your customers are coming from and what they are searching for. We will develop icons as well to show your visitors how to easily navigate your site and support your overall web design. Your website won’t just be “pretty” it will be functional and drive business. Full integration from web to mobile will ensure your customers can find you anywhere. Wilderness will make sure your site remains user-friendly and eye-catching on any mobile device.


What your website should include:

1) An easy-to-understand tagline or value proposition above the fold

2) Obvious call to action

3) Visual displays of the success your client will experience if they use your product

4) Products/Services broken down into bite-size categories

5) A clear indication that you understand the hero’s journey for your customer

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7 questions to review your website


Ask yourself if your site is doing everything it can.


Think about the experience you offer on your website from an outsider’s perspective and ask yourself if your site is doing everything it can be to collect leads and convert prospects into customers.

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