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Brand Development

Brand Development is the first step in making a name for your company.


Brands aren’t defined by your logo or tagline or the latest advertisement in the local newspaper, they are defined by are defined by your reputation and the impression you make in the marketplace.


Key Survival Tips


  • Your brand is more than a logo
  • Your brand needs to be consistent and clear
  • Your brand needs rules, strategy AND a creative direction.


How Wilderness Agency Can Help


  • Our proven brand workshop helps to define goals and develop your brand strategically
  • Our creative approach to brand standards means your brand can grow and evolve as you do
  • Our team is dedicated to knowing your brand development inside and out, so we can help define the strategy that is right for your company.


Tips for the Trail


Your brand is defined by the immediate feelings people have about your company.


90% of all purchasing decisions are made subconsciously.


If you’re doing it right, your mastering of art and copy, can effectively manipulate your audience’s subconscience into thinking or feeling whatever you want.


Wilderness Agency runs all our clients through the same branding workshop at the beginning of every relationship we start. The reason is simple. It is important to have a clear understanding of you are and where you are heading before we ever begin tactics.


Strategy before design is a fundamental to everything we do at Wilderness, and your brand development is a critical piece.


Aligning your brand authentically with your company goals and strategy is extremely important to meeting your objectives. When you have a clear idea of where you are going, it is easier to clear the path to get you there, and to get others to follow you there as well. Your brand doesn’t necessarily need to be flashy, but it does need to match the stories you tell about your brand to others–and yourself.


Field Guide Takeaway


“Your brand is at the intersection of your vision for your organization and how you are perceived in the marketplace.  Your brand is not your logo. It is a person’s gut feeling about your product, service, or organization. It is that slimy feeling when you think about used car dealers or Walmart.  It is that overwhelming feeling of joy when opening the packaging of an Apple product.”

–Richard Kaiser


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