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Aileron focuses on helping business owners grow their business strategically by helping them refocus on what they need to build better versions of their businesses as they exist today. The nonprofit organization helps business leaders by removing layers of superficiality to get at the core of what drives success.


For all that the organization focuses on strategy, their website wasn’t doing them any favors, primarily because it was lacking a strategy of its own. Although it was flush with great content, sprinkled throughout a significant number of pages, the journey was missing, leaving users to wander the site without clear direction.


Wilderness provided Aileron with a website refresh that infused a new design and color palette and refocused its content and provided a clear path for site visitors to follow.


Wilderness also worked to expand a partnership with Forbes, through which video content and blogs produced by the agency could be posted and expand Aileron’s reach, exposing the organization’s value to a large-scale business audience and attract them back to the Aileron website.

Video Builds Trust

The use of video within an organization’s marketing mix provides the ability to deliver their story in an aesthetically appealing and easy to understand media. Animation videos capture ideas or products that cannot be photographed or captured in a single frame or to demonstrate concepts or prototypes that have yet to be developed.

It provides the ability to show a visual summary of the most complex products or services conveyed in a medium that creates feeling and emotion in a method that is dynamic and quickly grabs the attention of the viewer.

Video with high-value content work across websites and can be easily shared over multiple channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and emerging social media channels.

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