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I was introduced to Natasha Spears, Chief Executive Officer, of the Boys & Girls Club of Dayton through a mutual friend. She offered to give me a tour of their location and I graciously accepted.


Boys & Girls Club of Dayton focuses on programs to help youth achieve academic success, practice civic and social engagement, and live healthy lifestyles. Club programs utilize a youth development strategy that infuses a sense of belonging, competence, usefulness, and influence into each young person.


As we walked through the building, she made me more and more aware of how important having after school opportunities are for inner city youth.  And that’s when she hit me with it…

The pool isn’t functioning.  Worse, it is the only opportunity to learn to swim within miles; translated, without this pool up and running most children simply will not learn to swim.  For me swimming has been a part of life since my father taught me to swim at 5 years old and it is an activity that I readily enjoyed throughout high school where I held a four school records (for like a week before being destroyed by Jonathan, who was part fish).


It was heartbreaking to learn that without community support these children would be deprived of that joy.  So, I offered the services of the team at Wilderness Agency to build a new website that would make it easier for folks in the community to donate to their many causes.  Since assuming her new role, Natasha has been actively pursuing avenues to raise funds for much-needed repairs throughout the building. Beyond financial contributions, there are also opportunities for volunteers and wish-lists.