Evans Lane


Evans Lane

Evans Lane was spinning its wheels as a white-label furniture company was looking to make a shift to expand its business model and capture part of a larger audience.


Wilderness Agency helped clear the path for Evans Lane by developing a new e-commerce website that successfully expanded the business model and elevated the Evans Lane brand to a new level where it could compete with national furniture retailers.


Wilderness developed the strategy and strengthened the business model for the expansive new website, which propelled Evans Lane from a single-manufacturer furniture retailer to an e-commerce curator of 16–and growing–unique and creative brands carefully selected to help consumers make their outdoor spaces an experience.


Working with Wilderness, Evans Lane was able to turn on a marketing engine that drove traffic to the site and chipped away at the market share from the bigger brands. By setting up Evans Lane as a boutique platform, the company was able to attract new customers and convert sales via inbound strategies that met customers where they were and luring them through defined pathways and aspirational creative.


With the success of the new website and the strategy fueling it, Evans Lane plans to grow the business rapidly, adding up to three new retailers to the company’s offerings each month and expanding its reach through increased breadth online.


March 21, 2012