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Meals from Scratch

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Meals from Scratch

When Chef Matthew Hayden started Scratch Foods, he set out to start a food forward catering company with the goal to become the premier, contemporary full-service caterer in the region.


Food isn’t just a business for Hayden, it’s a passion. Wilderness worked with Scratch Foods to help Hayden identify recurring streams of revenue and grow the business while leaning into his passions. Wilderness worked with Scratch to increase sales through recurring streams of revenue, build a marketing engine to drive sales and leverage Hayden’s passions into new opportunities and grow the revenue for the company.


By creating two divisions, Scratch Events and Meals from Scratch, Scratch Foods was able to capture new market share and fulfill a need in the community. Meals from Scratch partnered Hayden with a medical institution to provide healthful meals and guidance to customers to help them focus on healing through food. The venture gave Hayden an opportunity to give back and provide a service to a cause very near and dear to his heart. By aligning the company’s mission with his passion, the new revenue stream helped expand Scratch Food’s reach and grow the company’s bottom line.


March 20, 2016