Tangible Solutions


Tangible Solutions

3D printing is revolutionizing every industry imaginable.  As the technology improves, companies are faced with the impact it will have on their business models.  Usually it’s a small demographic of nerds who push the movement forward, however Tangible Solutions seized the opportunity to open this up to the masses.

The Strategy

Tangible Solutions created an easy process for customers to use 3D technology.  First customers sketch their concepts into the company’s proprietary notebooks to have Tangible Solutions develop a 3D model for customers to approve. From there the model is built and added into their mobile app, which allows customers to explore the piece prior to the actual 3D printing.

The Delivery

To non-techies, the 3D printing process can seem daunting.  Our goal was to make this high-tech process seem easy for customers.  We created a clean, easily understood website.  Taking complex ideas and making them understandable was at the core of our design.

The Results

Since launching the new website Tangible Solutions has been approached by major businesses for collaboration as well as the R&D department for a branch of the armed forces.  We are privileged to work with such an innovative business that focuses on bringing new technology to the masses.


December 3, 2013