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Application Design & Development

Application Development Runs the World


Applications are the digital world’s toys. Everything is part of the network phones, televisions, consoles, music, alarm systems, thermostats, watches: all have corresponding apps. Nothing gets turned off anymore. Application development takes your brand to the next level. It puts you on every device imaginable, that way there is no one left out.


Wilderness can create an app that allows your audience to interact with your brand. Technology is always changing, it’s crucial to stay up to date. Wilderness Agency will make sure your app works and is up to date, whether IOS or Andriod.


Our team uses these steps to make an app that is business appropriate and easy to use:


  1. Requirements – gathering and agreeing on requirements
  2. Architecture – choosing the appropriate architecture for your application
  3. Design – even with good architecture it is still possible to have bad design
  4. Construction of the code – a fraction of the total project effort, but often the most visible
  5. Peer reviews
  6. Testing – not an afterthought or cutback when the schedule gets tight
  7. Performance testing – usually the last resort to catch application defects
  8. Configuration management
  9. Quality and defects management
  10. Deployment
  11. Iterative improvements


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