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Video Capabilities

Video Builds Trust


The use of video within an organization’s marketing mix provides the ability to deliver their story in an aesthetically appealing and easy to understand media. Animation videos capture ideas or products that cannot be photographed or captured in a single frame or to demonstrate concepts or prototypes that have yet to be developed.


It provides the ability to show a visual summary of the most complex products or services conveyed in a medium that creates feeling and emotion in a method that is dynamic and quickly grabs the attention of the viewer.


Video with high-value content work across websites and can be easily shared over multiple channels including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and emerging social media channels.

Raise your Expectations

Topping Off




Midmark is the only clinical environmental design company that enables a better care experience at the point of care in medical, dental and animal health. Their unique approach to designing products and solutions revolves around a single idea: Harmonizing space, technology and workflows to enhance interactions between patients and caregivers.


A beam raising ceremony marks the “topping off” of the new building, celebrating the completion of the building’s core structure. This was a major milestone for Midmark Corporation’s growth and dedication to staying in the Dayton region. To capture the excitement our team worked with senior leadership to produce a video that would share the moment with teammates worldwide.

Alumni Engagement

Embracing Inclusion


Wright State University


Wright State University Alumni Association needed a quick and concise media vehicle to pivot into a new model of inclusion of all alumnus inclusion into their membership.  After research with internal and external stakeholders we keyed in on messaging that resonated and compiled into a brief animated video which is able to be used across multiple media platforms.

A Captured

Destination Storytelling


Jet Sweat Escapes


Wilderness Agency Multimedia Producers have specific experience in capturing and conveying video of corporate trips and incentive vacations. Our work on the Jet Sweat experience in Hawaii worked to capture memories in a way that created shareable, engaging content designed to attract and inspire.

Animated Information

Role Clarification

with Customers




Vectren wanted to convey it’s change from a gas supplier to a gas distributor. Its challenge came in communicating that change and how important it was for their customers to choose a new natural gas supplier. After sending out long informative letters to their customers, the message was still unclear.


Along came a creation of using two methods to help make this complex proposition easier to comprehend. Through simple animation and analogies, their message became easier to understand for all of their customers. Through this, customers now could see what Vectren was transitioning into.


Instead of a long winded letter, 30 second television spot reached more customers and allowed Vectren to be able to transition quicker into becoming more effective suppliers. Within a few weeks, a substantial amount of customers were able to choose their own suppliers due to the commercial.

Employee Recruitment


& actionable


Capital Health


In a crowded marketplace, Capital Health struggled to differentiate itself from other in-home health companies struggling to recruit new employees.


From the management team to the individuals they serve, focuses on providing an inviting environment. The organization has grown rapidly to serve 12 geographical areas within its regional footprint, relying on a staff of more than 1,500. Without a funnel of dependable employees, Capital stood to lose the market share it was rapidly gaining.


Wilderness Agency leveraged intimate video interviews with the team to capture authentic stories from Capital employees, some of whom have grown with the organization for more than 16 years. Videos were short, simple and to the point, driving prospects to want to join the Capital Health family.


Wilderness helped Capital identify its key differentiators to help attract more employees. Through research and strategy provided by Wilderness, Capital was able to leverage the data to create video testimonials that spoke directly to the audience and leveraged an informed strategy to accelerate the recruitment engine.

Informative Interview

Sharing Success

and Offering



Miami Valley Schools


Creating an environment for intellectual and emotional growth is of paramount importance for any school. With a curriculum that is vastly different from that of a traditional school, The Miami Valley School offers a unique approach to education by providing increased opportunities each year for students to achieve success.


Wilderness Agency went straight to the source and spoke to the students in the Upper School about what their experiences have been like. With lights, cameras, and a library setting, interviews were conducted with students to reveal their day-to-day school activities. Emphasizing the non-traditional schedule and the open discussions that lead to greater insight into the world around them, the students remarked on what sort of opportunities they are presented with.


Conversations with the international students presented a fresh take on the stark differences these students have seen between their original schools and The Miami Valley School. Not only do they get to excel in subjects they are proficient in already, they are able to learn new skills and opportunities that are not offered to them. In this setting, students can achieve more and spark creativity in other areas.


These videos can welcome parents that are looking to get the most out of their children’s education. Furthermore, the videos can play a role in the world of social media, reaching a broad audience and continuing to promote The Miami Valley School’s fresh take on education.

Public Reaction

Giving Voice to the Community




WYSO, a listener-supported public radio station, wanted to broaden their audience through a new listener campaign. To reach that new audience meant expanding into different forms of media and branching out into the world of social media. It was important to show that their audience represented a broad range of the community.


The process of putting all of this together started with our questions to the members and listeners. It was important for people who didn’t know about WYSO or public radio to be informed by their peers. To be able to see these first-hand accounts from people would help the new listeners attach to a real life person rather than a disembodied voice. These videos will be able to reach more people through social media and give them an easily digestible piece of information that they can share with their friends and family.


From high school age students to young professionals, to retirees with an interest in telling their story Wilderness Agency captured an interesting mix of people from different backgrounds and share what they love about their radio station and their community.


Technical Demonstration


the Sale


Rumford Industrial Group


As Belzona’s only Midwest distributor, Rumford Industrial Group wanted to show off the compound’s dexterity and the multiple uses for repairing engine blocks, shafts, keyways, chillers, and a multitude of industrial capabilities.  


Despite its high-level performance, Rumford still faced a mountain of objections when attempting to convince customers. Giving customers a visual representation was very important for CEO Jim Rumford.


Wilderness Agency wanted the main subject to be Jim Rumford explaining the process that the technician would be going through to repair these damaged items.  The set would be the warehouse of Rumford Industrial Group. The lighting in the warehouse were large fluorescent tubes and not conducive for our subject.


Ultimately, the project was an easy shoot, with only minor issues of ambient noise. With the use of Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere, we were able to get the video cut together and audio cleaned up with relative ease. Now, Rumford has an easy and effective way to show how great their product is.


Mission Statement




Emerson Climate Technologies


Emerson Climate Technologies needed to highlight it’s technology in maintaining temperature control systems and their expansion into the global market of BRIC countries. To describe the process of how their technology works and explaining their value proposition, animation, stock photography, and kinetic text were the most effective and practical uses. In an effort to easily digest a lot of the information that centered around data and cost saving measures, the facts would show up on screen and then direct your attention to how Emerson is taking charge in that area.


This information had to be delivered in a unique and interesting way to keep the viewer interested in how fast and how far Emerson was expanding. The motion from panel to panel, from topic to topic, gives the viewer a sense of being involved with that rapid growth and connects them to the message.


The use of color helped deliver their message of the values that will help them in the future. Showing their commitment to energy efficiency and the environment was a critical part that ensured their investment into the future, and not just the future of their company.

Employee Recruitment





Chris Brown Portfolio


With an extensive background in video production, motion graphics, color correction, audio, video editing, Chris Browne proves to be an able bodied person to have on a shoot. From pre-production to post-production, his value comes from years of experience and an ever adaptive learning process.


Coming from an environment with multiple clients and tight deadlines helped sharpen his skills in the production/editing process. Having a background in live shoots and being a valuable member during the production process helped prepare him for a career in the content creation.

For these videos, all motion graphics, titles and color correction were done by him. In the instance of the Emily Haines interview, all production including the interview process and all post-production duties were accomplished by himself.


With his effective use of motion graphics keeps viewers engaged, it doesn’t distract from the message. He prides himself in having a great understanding in how to properly salvage audio tracks so that no answers are left behind. His portfolio encapsulates his ability to handle more than just the basic shoot, but all of the factors in content creation.

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